Swimming Pool and Spa Water – 5 Simple Steps to Crystal Blue Water

The 5 simple steps to a crystal blue swimming pool and spa environment and the keys to enjoying your backyard oasis and investment each and every day.

#1 CIRCULATION – Moving water creates a clean and enjoyable swimming experience. Why? Because you’ll get the most effective use of your sanitizer when you achieve circulation to every nook and cranny of your pool. The more movement your backyard oasis experiences, the harder it is for bacteria and algae to find a foothold, grow and set up housekeeping on the internal surfaces. The source of all circulation is the pump, which feeds the filtration system. As water passes into the filter system, cleaning begins, which is another beneficial byproduct of circulation. It’s BEST to schedule circulation during daylight hours. Aim to have circulation for approximately 8 hours per day.

#2 FILTRATION – The filter in the equipment system is the piece of apparatus which accounts for your backyard oasis sparkling and clear appearance, removing both visible and invisible debris from the system. As the pump circulates freely, the water flows through the filter. Once the pump basket captures the large debris, water rushes into the filter, which traps microscopic particles. Over time the filters ability to remove microscopic matter diminishes as the filter media essentially becomes full. At this point the filter must be disassembled and the media cleaned.

#3 CLEANING – Daily scrubbing of you’re the internal surface is not necessary but once a week brushing helps to free any debris that your filter or automatic cleaner might miss or leave behind. Brush steps, benches, walls and the floor. The physical movement on the surface eliminates lurking, unseen contaminants that increase the murky factor of your pool and spa.

#4 TESTING – Be proactive and you’ll avoid clarity problems. TEST YOUR CHEMISTRY FREQUENTLY – At least 2 to 3 times per week. Nothing saves more money and time than preventing problems and nothing prevents problems better than testing frequently. When testing, examine pH and active sanitizer levels. By monitoring these two items at regular intervals, you’ll soon discover patterns in your system. Also, regular testing allows you to detect how having lots of swimmers (versus only two or three) affects your chemical readings. As you respond to test results by adding the appropriate chemical treatment product, you’ll learn how to gauge how each product affects the chemical balance.

#5 MAINTENANCE – Maintaining a crystal clear swimming and spa environment isn’t magic. The secret hinges upon adding the right products at the right time in the right amounts. The keys to maintenance are Sanitization, Oxidation / Shock, Algae Prevention and Chemical Balance. When you master the basics, your investment rewards you with a sanitary environment, the cornerstone of a refreshing swimming and relaxing experience. Balancing the chemistry also protects your equipment and internal surface; unbalanced chemistry can actually damage both items permanently.

Master these five steps and enjoy your swimming pool and spa each and every day! Ignore these simple key items and plan on sending more time maintaining than relaxing.

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